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Donald Trump signs to Cash Money/Young Money joint venture deal!

Lil Wayne is bringing Donald to the NOLA.

News broke out today that Wayne and Trump met after a bidding war ensued between Ice Cube, 50 cent (who backed out) and Lil Wayne.

Trump has been on fire since the release of his debut MAGA ( Money, Assets, Guns & Asse’s). No word on the details of the deal, aside from the “platinum package” that offers Trump full access to Drake and Nicki Minaj for album features.

Brian “baby” Williams aka Birdman expressed that he is overjoyed to have Trump be apart of Cash Money.

“ Trump has always been family, I personally told Trump that he inspired me to be the businessman I am today, he is the reason I’m in the position I am today, if it wasn’t for him, I would have never given artist crap deals”

Lil Wayne mention that Trump has begun working exclusively with Mannie Fresh on his new project with a single expected to be released Nov 3.

Lil Wayne also spoke on the controversy surrounding Trumps beef with Biden.

“ Not really worried about it, Trump is the underdog right now, he has proven he can take a jab and still come out winning, just like with Hilary, Ice Cube actually gave him the blueprint of No Vaseline to use on Joe Biden”

Trump has yet to release a statement.

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