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50 Cent is for Trump!

I grew up and 50 and have been a follower of his career since his mixtape days before GRODT. I’m not surprised at all that 50 is for Trump.

Biden’s tax rate is for anyone making more than 400k a year, 50 makes a lot more than that and falls in the 62% tax hike that Biden is pushing for if he wins. Who in there right mind wants to pay that much just because you make more? I know I wouldn’t. No one does.

50 won’t get canceled or dragged for what he said as people think he will, this guy is a master of trolling. He can take the heat, flip it and profit off it! Lol.

I agree man, if you making more than 400k, don’t vote for Biden. It’s not a good idea to begin with. Trump is not the most well spoken president we had but he gets the job done.

Instead of the media talking about his decision and breaking it down to facts , they rather focus on a manipulated photo Eric Trump shared of 50 and Ice Cube wearing Trump hats. Go figure.

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