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Zoom school, as a parent, can be HARD!

At this point I’m not sure when schools will open again here in California.

Our school district and local teachers union agreed to continue with distance learning and will not pursue the waivers California offered to schools.

It has been a challenge trying to make sure our Kindergarten actually focuses and tries. At the same time I also enjoy having my son home and being able to guide him the best I can when he needs help, and not every parent is fortunate to be their right now. Kids need the actual classroom structure to learn. Some may do well with home school but from all the parents I talked to, ZOOM is HARD.

Have work? Good luck! Have other younger children at home? Good luck!..Cook and clean? Can’t sleep in anymore! Got a baby ?! Yeah good luck.

The CDC has been frustrating and very inconsistent with safety guidelines and measures which is at no fault when dealing with a new virus, but when the CDC director stated mask are more safer than a vaccine , then why are waiting for one to get going to re-open schools and businesses!?.

ZOOM has been even more worse for middle schools and high schools, to many distractions and the lack of discipline, it’s pretty much a longer summer vacation more than anything.

Will kids get behind ? I truly think they will, it’s not for everyone. What about their social skills? How will they be affected ?I salute the teachers who really try their best and can actually keep the kids engaged. Having 24 kindergarteners in a ZOOM class and keeping them ALL actively paying attention is no easy feat.

Let’s get these kids back into a learning environment.

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