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Nancy Pelosi was set up! …A sting operation!

Nancy Pelosi is asking for a apology from the salon after the recent video of her hair appointment surfaced.

Not only did Nancy Pelosi asked for a apology but she also had her lawyer sent a letter to the salon threatening to sue. Aren’t hair salons struggling enough as it is?. Aren’t you for the people Pelosi?.

Why not just apologize, take the heat, and move on? Instead Pelosi is threatening to sue and suspend the operations of the salon.

Pelosi’s lawyer said the salon was not following protocol and violating the orders, was Nancy Pelosi not following them as well since the salon owner said she has been there multiple times and on top of that NOT wearing a mask!?, something California governor Newsom has been mandating.

Is that considered CLASS privilege? Of course it is, according to Nancy Pelosi she can’t do no wrong. She is wealthy and in a powerful democratic position.

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