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Why is YouTube Restricting Prager U videos?

Why? Anyone?

It’s OK to have WAP by Cardi B on the front page but not a educational video? Censoring videos about US history like the 10 commandments.

It won’t appear in users searches on YouTube because videos like the history of Israel is deemed mature content.

All these rap/hip hop videos and songs are more extreme as in content than something about the history of a country.

Is YouTube censoring TRUTH?

Prager U stated that they don’t come up on restricted users feed or searches because it’s content it’s to mature, but what about everything else? Conspiracy videos with no actual facts backing it up are OK when they in fact are a lot more worse and lead people astray to some BS conspiracies to where they actually believe it.

The percentage of Prager U being restricted is about 1.5% which is about 27 MILLION users.

Unless you have a direct link to the actual Prager U video, you won’t be able to find it.

It’s not the fact that users can check the restricted box and call it good, because technically YouTube and Google think that a video from Prager U is consider to harsh.

Some YouTube viewers are claiming that they NEVER set restricted mode on and Prager U videos still don’t come up? that’s where the issue is. YouTube can decide for you, where they rather have other inappropriate videos show up but. Or something educational?

That’s starts to cut into AD revenue for Prager U, again it seems small but 27 millions users in AD revenues is still a nice chunk of change.

Is YouTube and Google really censoring rich information that is more educational than a conspiracy video/toy reviews?

I stand with Prager U.

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