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The US needed someone like Trump.

Ever since Trump came to office, politics on all sides have been the best they been in years.

Trump is inspiring a new generation of Republicans AND Democrats. When have politics been this insanely interesting?

The recent uptick in protest are examples of why we all want to teach and be informed.

Since Trump came into office he has been one of the most consistent presidents we ever had. Hate him or love him, he makes politics much more better and interesting. No one really younger than 35 payed that much attention to politics since he became President.

The new younger generation feels more empowered then ever, right or left beliefs, they all want to be heard.

Trump is honest, sometimes it’s brutal. He tells it like it is. What other president besides Trump have really made the US uncomfortable? We were all used to comfort before he came in. Sometimes change is uncomfortable. He doesn’t act like how we were led to believe a president is supposed to act. Other presidents have told us what we wanted to hear just to make us feel comfortable but behind the scenes it was different.

Trump had no political experience and still became President by keeping it real, he says what other people think, but don’t want to say, that’s what makes him interesting to watch.

There is NO standard when it comes to Trump, he came and basically broke the country down to the truth of reality.

As a minority myself, we have done no better or worse then when Obama was in office.

The protest and riots are not because of Trump, they were more about justice for police brutality which started the BLM Movement.

The protest have been tarnished due to Antifa/looting/rioting/destruction of properties that had NOTHING to do with what they were initially protesting about.

Yet seems that Trump took the blame, when he actually just kept it truthful in regards of how the protest were turning out.

Trump took on China, Iran, and North Korea and put his foot down, didn’t hesitate once and called their bluff.

America needed Trump.

Trumps presidency is going to be the beginning of new leaders in politics.

And for the record, MAGA has been one of the biggest marketing strategies ever. Donald Trump is the NWA of politics.

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