Seeks Immunity, Denies Shooting Officer

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Breonna Taylor‘s boyfriend is going after Louisville police for the allegedly botched raid at her home that left Breonna dead, claiming he’s the victim of police misconduct … and he didn’t actually shoot one of the officers.

Kenneth Walker filed a civil lawsuit Tuesday, asking the judge for a declaration of immunity from prosecution in the criminal case for firing a single “warning shot” after cops rammed the door to enter Taylor’s apartment in the middle of the night back in March while executing a search warrant.

As you know … police claim Walker’s shot struck Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly in the femoral artery in his thigh, but his legal team refutes that.

Walker’s lawyers say evidence indicates that police may have shot Mattingly as they were “firing wildly from various angles.”

According to the lawsuit … Walker was interrogated by police after the shootings and was then wrongfully and illegally arrested, detained, charged and prosecuted.

Walker now wants to avail himself of Kentucky’s stand your ground law, which he claims operates to prevent law enforcement from prosecuting him after he fired the shot in self-defense. In other words, it seems the lawyer is saying Waker had a right to fire a shot under the stand your ground law, so he would therefore be immune from criminal prosecution.

According to the docs, he’s specifically concerned about being hit with an attempted murder charge that was previously dropped without prejudice.

Taylor’s boyfriend is also seeking damages for assault, battery, false arrest and imprisonment, malicious prosecution, abuse of process and negligence stemming from the incident.

As we’ve reported … none of the officers involved in the raid and shooting of Taylor have been arrested, though one cop — Brett Hankison — has been fired.

KY Attorney General Daniel Cameron recently received a critical ballistics report about Breonna’s death, but claimed it was inconclusive.


This comes after prosecutors tried to smear her by offering her ex-boyfriend a plea deal that could have turned a 10-year sentence into probation if he agreed to say Breonna was dealing drugs, and it’s flat-out false.

Honestly why is it taking so long?

For them to offer a deal if agreed to say Breonna was dealing drugs is utterly disturbing.

This just adds to the suspicion of police corruption and not wanting to take any blame for their own mistakes.

Do the right thing State AG, you are still investigating it with no conclusion but to offer a ridiculous plea deal to cover for the police who have lied once during this investigation already.

Remember, the cops who shot her 8 times lied and said she suffered no injuries when in fact she died from her injuries.

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