UPDATE: Kyle Rittenhouse FACTS

If the mainstream media is not going to shed light on the FACTS here we go.

1, Kyle is NOT a white racist supremacist, clearly the 3 people who were shot are white, not people of color.

2. He was not let go by the police, the police had no idea what was going on at the time they got near him.

3. Kyle actually referred to himself as a EMT on VIDEO and even tried helping one of the rioters/looters/protesters.

4. As to who shot first? Kyle was actually attacked TWICE before everything broke out, and someone else shot first when Kyle is nearby the parking lot, then you can hear when Kyle shoots.

5. Was it in self defense? A man with a skateboard tries to club him in the head while another man with a pistol chases him.

It’s going to be hard to convict him on the murder charges based on the tapes circulating social media.

These are the FACTS that mainstream media is not talking about.

Read Report down below from The New York Times.

About two hours before the first shooting, the producer of a video livestreaminterviews Mr. Rittenhouse at a Kenosha vehicle dealership.

Mr. Rittenhouse is there at the same time as several other armed men. Some of them are positioned on the building’s roof overlooking the parking lot where vehicles were burned the day before.

In a brief exchange on the livestream, he identifies himself as “Kyle.”

In another interview, Mr. Rittenhouse speaks with Richie McGinniss, a video editor at Daily Caller, a conservative news and opinion site.

Mr. Rittenhouse says that he’s there to protect the business. He calls it his job, although there is no indication that he was asked to guard the site.

Later, he claims to another videographer that he was pepper sprayed by someone in a nearby crowd while protecting property.

In most of the footage The Times has reviewed from before the shootings, Mr. Rittenhouse is around this area. He also offers medical assistance to protesters.

About 15 minutes before the first shooting, police officers drive past Mr. Rittenhouse, and the other armed civilians who claim to be protecting the dealership, and offer water out of appreciation.

Mr. Rittenhouse walks up to a police vehicle carrying his rifle and talks with the officers.

He eventually leaves the dealership and is barred by the police from returning. Six minutes later footage shows Mr. Rittenhouse being chased by an unknown group of people into the parking lot of another dealership several blocks away.

While Mr. Rittenhouse is being pursued by the group, an unknown gunman fires into the air, though it’s unclear why. The weapon’s muzzle flash appears in footage filmed at the scene.

Mr. Rittenhouse turns toward the sound of gunfire as another pursuer lunges toward him from the same direction. Mr. Rittenhouse then fires four times, and appears to shoot the man in the head.

Mr. Rittenhouse seems to make a phone call and then flees the scene. Several people chase him, some shouting, “That’s the shooter!”

As Mr. Rittenhouse is running, he trips and falls to the ground. He fires four shots as three people rush toward him. One person appears to be hit in the chest and falls to the ground. Another, who is carrying a handgun, is hit in the arm and runs away.

Mr. Rittenhouse’s gunfire is mixed in with the sound of at least 16 other gunshots that ring out during this time.

As this happens, police vehicles just one block away remain stationary during the gunfire.

Mr. Rittenhouse walks with his hands up toward the police vehicles. Bystanders call out to the officers that he had just shot people.

The police drive by him without stopping, on their way to assist the victims.

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