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Herschel Walker: ‘I Lost Some Friends’ Because Of Trump Support

People unfriend each other over political views now? What happened to agree to disagree and moving on from that?

“In society today, if you’ve got a Black friend, oh, jeez you’re like king,’’ Walker said. “But not one time has (Trump) asked me to speak for him. I don’t even think he knew I was going to speak this time. I’m the one that asked.’’

“Losing friends has been a big cost,’’ he added. “I lost some friends, and that’s what’s so strange about it. How could in a country like America you disagree with someone that you now want to injure that person or you just don’t want to talk to them no more? Where did it get that you become a country like that?’’ – Herschel Walker

Hey, you can have a opinion as long as it’s like mine!?…that’s what it sounds like. Are we all expected to think the same way and like/hate the same things because we are told to? No, we live in America where we are blessed to have the 1st Amendment.

You shouldn’t be discussing politics if you are not open to having a simple discussion without getting upset and having the need to unfriend someone.

Herschel has had a personal friendship with Trump for about 40 years, way before he was a President.

Stop throwing friendships away. Give people the same respect they give you when they are open to hearing you’re views as well without getting confrontational.

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