The YouTube channel dedicated to exposing child predators

There is this vigilante group of what seems to be about 2 young men who reel in child predators on the app called MeetMe, then exposed them online, with video of the suspect at the location and confronting them, while showing how it all started by playing the full conversation at the beginning of the video.

The first video upload has a date of 4/15/2020 with the latest video being uploaded on 7/21/2020. The videos have all taken place in Santa Barbara, California.

You can click this link Predator Catcher Cali #6 to watch the newest episode.

I’m not sure if the videos were filmed pre-coronavirus due to some of the footage.

All parents out there, please keep an eye on what your children are doing, you will see how these disgusting people try to manipulate a child and how easy it is for them to come in contact with minors.

*video #6, the man exposed known as Tony, has gained local attention, the mother to his kids has commented.

As far as legal aspects go of doing stings like this for YouTube I’m not 100% sure if it’s even ok to do since it’s not being done by any law agency, and it could be borderline Entrapment —a defense when suspects are pressured into being implicated in a crime they would probably not have committed otherwise, but the legal definition of this pressure varies greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Either way….hope they did their research before jumping into it.

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