California women infected entire household after not telling anyone she tested positive for COVID-19!

An Atascadero man says his roommate infected their entire household after not telling anyone she tested positive for COVID-19!.

William Satterfield is COVID-19 positive after he says his roommate infected all 16 people in their Atascadero home, including 11 children.

“My biggest concern — who is holding people accountable for people who have disregard for human life?” asked William Satterfield.

“My two-month-old baby boy, he’s just barely two months yesterday, has got COVID-19, you know, and that right there, that’s alarming to me,” Satterfield said.

The woman, who is not being identified because she has not been charged with a crime, admitted to KSBY News that she did not tell anyone in the home that she was infected.

How can anyone do that!? How can you go on about you’re life and pretend nothing is wrong and infect everyone at home and at work, now those people just infected a lot more people. Where is the accountability?. How can you fail at telling anyone after you were told yourself you were positive?. Some people don’t get it and never will. You may feel asymptotic but the next person won’t and it could be a lot more worse for them.

He claims his roommate continued to work while contagious but she told us she isolated herself.

That isolation period is typically ten days and often times it’s enforced through a health officer order.

“If they violate that order after being told and put on notice, they could be prosecuted for a violation of the health and safety code as a misdemeanor. Now, in most instances, it’s punishable by 90 days or a $1,000 fine,” said San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow.

“If any individual is out in public when they should be isolating under the health officer order, we would be able to take action,” said Paige Batson, Santa Barbara County Community Health Division Deputy Director.

In Santa Barbara County, health officials say there are just too many cases to monitor whether people are isolating at home.

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