This Instagram account is raffling off some big ticket jewelry for those that want to win!

The win is big for a small risk..

jfortune718 is doing some INSANE raffling on Instagram! It’s a small risk for a BIG reward with the current chain being raffled valued at $17,000. There are 50 slots at $350 a piece with the option of buying multiple slots.

This is the current item being raffled to anybody on Instagram, blurry photo but please check out his IG.

This is the 3rd raffle he has done and those that have raised questions on the diamonds being legit have been answered when a winner of the 2nd raffle took the bracelet he won to get tested and it’s ALL LEGIT.

Bracelet won on 2nd raffle

Anybody that has the extra cash for a raffle ticket…I strongly recommend you jump on it! even if you decide not to keep the jewelry, the resale price is still a major come up.

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