Dr.Fauci pleads with young people: ‘You’re propagating the pandemic’

How long will this pandemic go on, if the younger generation it’s not following safety guidelines?

In a interview with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday, Dr Fauci is urging the young Americans to no take the virus lightly, doing so could “propagate” the pandemic.

“You have to have responsibility for yourself but also a societal responsibility that you’re getting infected is not just you in a vacuum. You’re propagating the pandemic,” – Dr Fauci

Fauci said young people enjoying themselves at bars is “understandable”

“I get that,”… “I was there at one point in my life. Or see people in crowds and you say well, they think they’re not doing anything that’s particularly harmful, but they might be.” – Fauci

At this point it’s so much uncertainty with don’t do this, but you can do this. So many complex symptoms and with many people being asymptotic as well. Let’s get that vaccine soon!, so we can put this year in the past.

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