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Kanye West is STILL in for Presidential Bid

Despite reports saying he dropped out....he is in fact still in.

Yeezy has jumped over Michael Jordan’s Jumpman, Will he jump over Trump and Biden?

Kanye will be running as a Independent candidate for the Birthday Party according to a last minute federal filling on Thursday.

Kanye filed his “Statement of Candidacy” with the Federal Election Commission, confirming he spent or raised at least $5,000 in campaign-related expenses, which was the final step Kanye needed to be viewed as a presidential candidate to the federal government.

Kanye filed a separate FEC form for “Statement of Organization” on Wednesday for his “Kanye 2020” committee.

Kanye West also qualified for the general election ballot in Oklahoma as an Independent candidate.

Although it’s a very late start for Kanye who is unlikely to qualify for any debates on a national stage and qualify for general election ballots in a number of states, the question is…who is he gonna take votes from? Trump? Biden?…either way, this is gonna make it a very tight race and add even more to the momentum that’s is building up as the first debate on Sep 29.

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