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Chris Cuomo fires on Trump for….hawking Goya?!

The Goya battle continues..

Trump is sitting down with a line of Goya products on the Resolute desk, which is a desk that symbolizes power inside the White House. For example, that’s the same desk JFK used when he dealt with the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Lol..reddit is having a field day.

Chris Cuomo fired at Trump for the photo op

“On your dime, in the middle of a pandemic, they’re selling beans,”….”Are you kidding me? Seriously? Seriously?”

“This is not left and right; this is reasonable, my brothers and sisters,” …. “The guy is sitting on the Resolute desk with a bunch of Goya products.” ….. “Proof positive of why we need many Faucis, but we only have one. The idea of him messing with Fauci when he’s selling magic beans is crazy.”

“You tell me how a president, in the middle of a pandemic, has got time for this b——-. Are you kidding me? Hawking products?” ….“Resolute desk! This is what he’s resolute about.” – Chris Cuomo via CNN

Ivanka Trump was also quick to join the Goya endorsement.

“If it’s Goya, it has to be good” – Ivanka Trump

Goya is facing one of the biggest boycotts after the CEO Robert Unanue said “we’re all truly blessed” to have Trump as president at a White House event last week.

Trump has since tweeted out in support of the brand

“Goya is doing GREAT”….“The Radical Left smear machine backfired, people are buying like crazy!”

Followed by his son Trump Jr

“I’m actually drinking my Goya Malta, supporting some people who have some guts in the culture war,”… “I like those that have guts, it’s sort of nice. Unfortunately, it’s lacking these days, but it’s okay. When we win, we’ll be able to enforce that a little bit better.” – Donald Trump Jr

After facing criticism for using their government position to endorse Goya, in which federal law prevents federal employees from endorsing any product, service or enterprise.

White House spokeswoman Carolina Hurley replied back

“Only the media and the cancel culture movement would criticize Ivanka for showing her personal support for a company that has been unfairly mocked, boycotted and ridiculed for supporting this administration — one that has consistently fought for and delivered for the Hispanic community,”…. “Ivanka is proud of this strong, Hispanic-owned business with deep roots in the U.S. and has every right to express her personal support.” – Carolina Hurley

I personally think they did it to “troll” the left….and it worked. Who knows maybe they really reallyyyyy do love Goya beans. I do.

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