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North Carolina city Asheville, approves reparations for Black residents

Asheville was the location of one of the last battles of the Civil War, between Union and Confederate forces.

The Asheville City Council apologized for the North Carolina city’s role in slavery, discrimination and denial of basic liberties to Black residents and voted to provide reparations to them and their descendants.

The historic 7-0 vote made on the night of July 14 does not mandate direct cash payments, instead it will make investments towards areas where Black residents face disparities.

The resolution states

“The resulting budgetary and programmatic priorities may include but not be limited to increasing minority home ownership and access to other affordable housing, increasing minority business ownership and career opportunities, strategies to grow equity and generational wealth, closing the gaps in health care, education, employment and pay, neighborhood safety and fairness within criminal justice,”

“We don’t want to be held back by these gaps,”…”We want everyone to be successful.” – Councilman Vijay Kapoor

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