Los Angeles and San Diego school districts to go ONLINE ONLY for fall

online school is becoming the new normal

Looks like students will not go back to class at the start of the new school year. The recent surge in coronavirus cases has made it difficult for students to return to a class room setting, where they do learn more effectively. The LAUSD superintendent has called on federal and state officials for funding to provide regular testing and contact tracing at $300 a year for each staff member and student for a safer reopening of schools.

(For those that do want kids to go back to school and expect ANY school district to open and to protect the health and safety of ALL its k-12 students and staff are being irrational.) -Foo Hannity

“We’re going in the wrong direction. And as much as we want to be back at schools and have students back at schools — can’t do it until it’s safe and appropriate.” – LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner

Most schools had planned for part time class room learning and part time distance learning from home, this makes SDUSD and LAUSD the latest schools to go online for fall.

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