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Ty Dolla Sign – Ego Death.(TheFooReview)

Very dope cartoon cover art, but track is lacking

A star studded track for sure, but where is the Ty everybody wants?. This record sounds like a plan b version of Fade by Kanye. The EDM vibe for Ty is coo, but not the Ty we love. If this is a single, ok, but I’m hoping the album is nowhere near this sound, it’s a safe record for radio but not the classic Ty record. This record has been done plenty of times, only difference is this one has a Kanye verse. The tracks production is a pulsating bass loop, with minimalist 90s house drums, the stand out part? Ty’s vocal production and a very small FKA Twigs feat. Not sure what Skrillex did on it as far as production but don’t seem like much being that it is repetitive with very minor changes. Ty called this his best work yet, I’m not sure man, Ty is crazy talented and this doesn’t sound nowhere near what his potential is. Kanye’s verse was ok, with references to the Super Bowl, voting, birth control, and the Grammys, and the FKA Twigs feat should have been the chorus in my opinion. It would have made this song a bigger bop. 6.5/10

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